Message of the Board of Directors

Our purpose, as the Board of Directors, is to ensure the smooth running and transparency of our organization through the effective handling of our management team and our ability to seek charitable donations from those willing and able to give from all over the world. Among us, we represent a broad spectrum of professionals from business to politics, doctors to lawyers. We hope to use our diverse backgrounds towards the common good of the Foundation. As members of a charitable organization and as a family, we would like to emphasize our long-standing commitment to not only serve the people of our home town but also to our children, to whom we have always said: “you will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others”. Quasem Foundation represents more than just an NGO, it represents the love and passion that a family has for their home and for each other.

Board of Directors

Mayeedul Islam


Tasvir Ul Islam

Managing Director

Anwarul Islam


Saleena Begum


Dr. Reyan Anis


Khadiza Shamim