Those interested in providing assistance for similar such projects should contact Quasem Foundation; we are always looking for generous individuals and organizations looking to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged. 
Quasem Foundation also relies on the generosity of individuals, such as the Quasem family, who are willing and able to donate for the better good of humanity; their goodwill has provided a large part of the Quasem Foundations operational budget since its establishment.

If your are interested in making a charitable donation to Quasem Foundation Please see the Bank info, Or fill out the from (Page of Contact Us) below...

Bank Wire Information: Quasem Foundation
Account Name: 086833003928
Bank Routing No. ( RIGS No.)/ SWIFT code: AGBKBDDHA 008
Bank Name: Agrani Bank Ltd
Branch: Banani
Bank Address Kemal AtaturkAvenue,Banani, Dhaka -1213,Bangladesh.